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Gay Security Guard Porn is what it's called and it has continued growing. The site's premise is young males cost retailers millions of dollars due to their sticky finger actions. These boys and men are straight-up thieves and those that get caught must be punished. At YoungPerps, they take stealing seriously, and making these males take dick to avoid hard jail time is the only answer. This is what they’re required to do. Suck dick and take it deep or go directly to jail! The security guards and loss prevention officers are hung and hungry for straight boy ass!

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Young Perps launched in early 2019 and was a very new type of site. Focusing on young straight men who tangled with Security Guards and Loss Prevention officers on a daily basis in the Malls all across America. The fantasy of these older men having the power over younger punks with the prospect of life altering decisions was something Gay Porn has never seen. Touching on several fantasies and desires this has made Young Perps not only a groundbreaking site but a huge success.

The models used for both the Perps and Officers are spot on and it is easy to get caught up in the action. The sets and situations are done very well which makes it even more realistic. While not a multi-million dollar Hollywood extravaganza the content is shot well and acting is good. The scenes last much longer than the average porn scene which can be a bonus. The camera work and lighting have continuously evolved and adds to the whole overall experience.

The stories mostly goes young straight guy wants something and has no money. So he steals it and gets busted by the Officer. Then interrogated and given a choice to either do what the Officer asks "sexually" or the police will come and take him to jail. it's pretty simple and executed well. There are some differences here and there but it ends up being what it is.

The models are attractive as well as have some other physical virtues. The site updates every week and the content is kept fresh by a talented production staff. The quality of the content is in HDX 1080p and the images are crisp and clear. If there are any issues it the aggressive selling/upselling tactics to push more buying. Things such as cross sales and Pre-checked boxes in the billing page is a little more than inconvenient. If you know the web and how it works, just make sure you uncheck it and looked over everything.


Young Perps actually works really well. As long as you know and have an understand on how the interior membership site upsells works, you'll love it. There are a ton of site out there that give you a ton of content but there's really no rhyme or reason. This sites has it and really pulls it off. As an extra bonus there are quite a few interracial gay sex scenes and they are very hot. Take a look and watch some of the clips and pics here at MenOnTheNet.com. You won't be sorry and you just might find a niche that gives you that extra spark.

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