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"We Shoot the Hottest Guys with the Best Cameras. Man Royale offers a diverse range of high quality guys, all shot with the very best cameras in a diverse range of sexual scenarios. Updated 2-3x per week, every single image you see on this site is an actual video screen cap. It is 100% representative of our video quality."

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Man Royale is the flagship among twelve sites which are all included in the Gay Room mega-site. The name 'Man Royale' doesn't apply to its monarchic definition, but to its meaning of excellence. Man Royale is unique, high-class gay porn. It'll appeal to those of you who get off on romance, foreplay, eroticism, and truly excellent videography. Man Royale is as much about two lovers making love, as it is about technical excellence. The latter is characterized by true high-definition filming and high resolution still photography. Man Royale films with a 'cinematic' eye, meaning the scenes look like real movies rather than 'Pro-am' videos.

"Every model is hand-picked; if they aren't extraordinarily good looking, we won't shoot them." Wow. The site films amateurs as well as recognizable porn stars. The scene set-ups are kinda lover-based so they're sensual and erotic from beginning to end. Whether the seductive scenarios are set at a mountain picnic, L.A. roof-top patio, in the kitchen, bath, bedroom, or fabulous other interiors, these boys keep the sex slow and deliberate, more intimate than the usual suck 'n fuck porn. They're slim, defined, and smooth. With hi-def filming showing everything, they also gotta be perfectly groomed and/or manscaped, perfect skin, meaningful facial expressions, beautiful hard cocks and assholes. Except for the lack of sex talk, young gay boys could use Man Royale as their visual textbook of how mansex can be romantic, erotic, sensual, sexy, hot, and every other adjective that describes how you really want sex to be in your own life. Man Royale is luxurious body worship, sucking and fucking, building to ecstatic orgasms by the performers, and probably you too. They're just that good!

"Man Royale takes the utmost care in ensuring our videos are superior than what you can get on any other website. We use the latest camera technology and our videos go through a strict post-production process." When they say they have a cinematic style of shooting, they really mean it. They film with two cameras, edited together almost seamlessly. Camera one is stationary, but professional stationary, with the scene perfectly framed to the utmost visual precision and beauty. Camera two is handheld, and it goes in for the languorous, lingering, roaming close-ups of all the different stages of action. Everything is genuine high-definition, meaning you can see every pore and hair on every model's body, and if you can't, it's just the narrower depth of field. Exposure is perfect, which is amazing considering that so many of the interior scenes are shot backlit from exquisite window treatments. So, like camerawork of old, Man Royale achieves transcendent cinematography with its framing, lighting, exposure, focus, and editing. And there's no talk involved, except the occasional "I'm gonna cum". Music scores each scene, going on and off throughout. It's kinda new-agey porn music, unobtrusive but necessary.

As mentioned earlier, Man Royale is one of twelve sites included in the Gay Room membership program. Man Royale's unique updates appear among other Gay Room site updates at the main hub. Over the course of the past 6 months, the network has been updating 17 to 18 times a month (approximately 2 to 4 updates, weekly) with Man Royale videos updating multiple times a month. With the addition of the 4 newest sites, this average is likely to increase. The network has been amassing content since 2010 and continues to grow it's library by updating existing sites and adding new ones.


Among the Mega-Sites that are available out in the porn landscape, Gay Room is firmly seated among those in the top tier, certainly aided by its luxury flagship site, Man Royale. This one site alone is worth the price of membership. But once you factor in the frequency of network updates coupled with the extremely high-quality videography and unique, standout genres, the whole package makes it well worth your thirty bucks a month

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