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Superstar and world renown gay porn director Kristen Bjorn has been one of the top studio producers since his start in 1997. Kristen Born has always had an eye for hot and sexy men and is not afraid to find them from Europe to South America, he finds the guys and the talent. The site is a pleasure to look at and easy to navigate. There are all types of guys too from Straight to Bi and full on Gay. The mixture of men of all ages is another one of Kristen's strengths and he sets them together flawlessly.

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This is not only an easy site on the eyes but the navigation is very clear and understandable. There are several sections to go and get the content you want without any problems. There are model profile areas where you can spend hours see what and where your favorites have come from. There's a store and message forms to get completely immersed into this site.

Since the start of this website in 1997 the amount of content in this site is HUGE. It would take years to see it all and even longer to get to every bit that is right at your fingertips. The older content is done well but the HD content is where it's at and it's awesome. You'll have multiple ways to check it all out and you won't be disappointed. Top lever videos are 1920x1080 and are crystal clear. There's images as well roughly 20 images pre set and all taken with high quality cameras.

The guys are absolutely stunning and ooze manly men every time you watch them. They come from all over Europe as well as South America and even a few form North America too. They are built, strong, hardbodied and just waiting to show you all they can do. Every guy is at least an 8 and most are 10's. Either way, you'll love them and their uncut and cut cocks showing you what they want and got.

Quality above all is all over every inch of this site. It was put together by an awesome group of designers that truly had their finger on the pulse of what this site needed to be and how it had to work. Multiple updates a week with bareback sex scenes, free downloads with the highest production values.


When you put everything together you see what a gem of a site Kristen Bjorn is. JOIN NOW! And the World's Hottest Men are YOURS! Kristen Bjorn Productions features the hottest bareback action, award-winning gay porn movies, and the sexiest men on the web! It's defiantly a place worth checking out and we recommend you do.

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