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Maverick Men documents the reality-based sexploits of XTube superstar gay couple Cole Maverick and Hunter. A loving, long-term, openly gay couple; the pair zoomed to online popularity via tube sites. To preserve their personal, sexual, and creative integrity, they accepted an offer from the people at ManHunt and On The Hunt to start their own pornsite in 2010. Besides creating regular content for their site, the guys have also filmed their sexploits while they've traveled, filmed scenes for On The Hunt, and they've even published a book!

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The characters of Cole and Hunter, and of the site, make it fairly unique in the gay porn world. These two are total exhibitionist, cock'n'ass-loving sex-pigs. They love luring in an innocent third and 'instructing' him in the ways of hot 'n sweaty sucking and fucking, or 'Man Sex' as they adoringly refer to this, their "educational curriculum".

Traditionally, the Maverick Men bring in a third participant to have their way with - usually an ardent fan volunteering for the role. The guys they bring on are a diverse lot, but all are willing and eager, enjoy the sex, and many have nice big cocks. Most times, they get younger guys volunteering to perform. Sometimes they're looking to 'learn the ropes' or 'get their cherries popped'.

Maverick Men "Man Sex" has always been their particular brand of fucking. When they bring on the third participant, It's all about the natural chemistry, with everyone giving themselves over to the pleasure and just 'going with the flow'. This approach makes the usual vanilla sex seem quite primal with manly grunting, panting, and lots of hot dirty talk. Even such tame sex acts such as sucking, rimming, & fuckking seem to take on an animalistic edge when you have these guys at the helm. Also trademark to the Maverick Men's typical style: it's all bareback and consensual, and sex with the third participant is usually a 'first-time' experience (with the Maverick Men, and even sometimes their first-time with gay sex in general!) It's unscripted and spontaneously directed.

Sex at Maverick Men is quintessential Gay Reality Sex. The videos are total voyeur material (practically home video). Their style brings the viewer into the action by having dialogue with the audience and giving a POV perspective during the sex.

Different from other membership sites, Maverick Men is a combination of a sex blog and video-on-demand while still offering a monthly membership price. Perspective subscribers must realize that MaverickMen videos are only streamable (monthly membership = unlimited streaming) and there are precious few images for each update. BUT, their blog contains candid photos from their video shoots and from their real life adventures. Being that these guys are filming and editing their real-life sexploits on their own, it should come as no surprise that the site does not update as rapid fire as some other sites might. The Maverick Men update with new content about 2x a month (at least).


In this reviewer's opinion, this site is an absolute GEM in the crown of Gay Porndom. It's so 'real' and yet unique. Cole and Hunter are clearly thoroughly sexual beings who love each other, and love other hot guys. Their models become their friends. It's all about having fun - fun sucking, fun rimming, fun fucking, fun doing it outdoors, in public or at home. The Maverick Men are sexual mavericks; they take the porn out of the confines of the studio, out of the pay-to-play arena - and feature genuinely sweaty, passionate, grunting, cummy, real man-on-men sex.

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