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All Original and Exclusive Content offered with BLAZING Speed!! 100% Straight Men fresh off the STEAMY streets of New York City, They're HOT NAKED and HARD! All shot in sizzling High Definition Video plus Thousands and Thousands of High Resolution PICS! A HOT Straight Guy added every 5 days!!! PLUS BONUS UPDATES! Even their Girlfriends haven't seen them like this! But YOU can!

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This site just SIZZLES. There is no doubt about it, New York Straight Men has a long history of putting out some of the hottest 'straight guy + cocksucker' videos the internet has ever seen. If that sounds like an unbelievable claim, just take a look at the gallery of images from any of the hundreds of updates on the tour and see for yourself. Particularly check out the ones featuring 'Coach' or 'Jack' or 'Officer M or X' or 'Oscar' or... heck the list goes on and on!

As you'll quickly guess from grazing the galleries of well over 600 updates, the site is nearly entirely about blowjobs. Not just any ol' BJ action though, but dedicated cocksuckers engaged in some of the most intense straight-daddy cock-worship on film.

Based in New York City, the site draws upon the city's straight male inhabitants for it's pool of average Joe's needing their pipes cleaned. It's totally believable too. Some of these men are patently straight-looking and acting. Others are apparently bi-sexual, admiting to enjoying an m4m blowjob occasionally. They're all pretty hot in their own unique way. Some may be a bit more rough around the edges or a tad unprepossessing, but that just adds to the authenticity of the site.

NYSM is not ENTIRELY about blowjobs, but it's clearly the main event. Occasionally an update will feature a straight guy jerking off alone, and even more infrequently, full-on gay anal sex.

The sites AWESOMENESS extends to it's price point as well. It immediately cuts you a deal, giving you a break from the industry average membership price. It goes above and beyond that by offering a loyalty discount which reduces the subscription price after 3 months, AND THEN REDUCES IT AGAIN after a year! And, to add the cherry on top, all the content is downloadable and yours to own forever.

The only area in which NYSM gains a bit of criticism is in it's 'no-frills' presentation. On the one hand, the site doesn't NEED to have a slick look, it just needs to deliver the good porn without complication. On the other hand, the site has not changed it's look or evolved it's internal cross-linking in over 7 years. What this means is that navigating the site between updates, galleries, and videos has a small learning curve due to a lack of clear linking.


If you've got it hard for masculine, rugged, hunky, rough-trade kinds of men, New York Straight Men will be a total dick-twitcher for you. Exponentially more so if you're a cock-sucker into such men. Couple that with a great price point and you've got a site that will add over 200 hours of wank-bank material to your collection that you WON'T regret.

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