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In operation for over 15 years, Sean Cody's site stands at the pinnacle of porn perfection. Very few sites have enjoyed the longevity and life-long popularity as this one has seen. This success is no-doubt due to the exclusivity of it's model selection. Only top shelf studs are featured at this site. The site commonly employs fitness models and college athletes in their 20's; all, always, very handsome men.

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Sean Cody features Model-Quality men, many of them eagerly engaging in full-on gay sex with each other. Just as many of them only appear for a solo scene. The site counts a number of exclusive models among their numbers, so if you find a favorite, you might only be seeing him at Sean Cody. Such fan-favorites usually come back time and time again to perform with a newcomer at the site - so your sure to see a nice variety of performances which include your boy. At a notable lack at the site are guys with facial hair (though occasionally some models will have body hair), older guys, fetish-y sex. This could be a positive or a negative depending on what you find attractive. Suffice to say, there's a definite trend to the type of guy that appears at Sean Cody. Are they Gay? Straight? Gay4Pay? Actually, it's all of the above! But truthfully, it's a non-issue. Whereas some sites barker the angle that you can see straight men performing gay sex, Sean Cody bypasses that hype and lets it's models silently speak for the site itself. You rarely, if ever, hear about the models talking about their orientation and that vacancy of 'labeling' is part of the allure. It's definitely about the sexiness of the guy, and not the labels around him. The sex at Sean Cody may be 'purely vanilla', but more often than not, it's scorching HOT vanilla sex. These muscle boys RARELY disappoint. To add to this heat, Sean Cody performers often engage in scenes featuring bareback sex. They guys are usually getting it on in a bed, or on the couch at the photographers 'home'. At the entry of the video, there's usually some footage where the photographer interviews the model, or films him doing something sporty so we get to know him a bit. Content waffles between solos and duos - with threesomes and 4-way orgies dotting the timeline of releases. Videography at Sean Cody is pretty top notch. Exhibiting some pretty high definition imagery, The photographer makes use of a hand camera and gets us some up close and personal view of the action while also moving around the model, panning here and there, in and out so that the viewer never gets bored of the same set-up. You may have gotten the impression that Sean Cody is among the most highly lauded gay porn sites out there. Here to give weight to this reputation is the fact that Sean Cody updates 3 times a week! 3 NEW videos EVERY WEEK! That's a LOT of production! And it's not simply bonus 'fluff'. Frankly, there's none of that - there are no 'extras' with membership. The awesomeness of Sean Cody rests solely on the laurels of their amazing production, regarding both quality and quantity. As one of the more 'premium' membership sites out there, you may be surprised to hear that the subscription rate is quite affordable for the quality of product offered. Additionally, the membership rate becomes a downright bargain after loyalty discounts are applied, the first at 3 months and the second at 6 months.


Sean Cody is here to stay. It's enjoyed a long lifespan and promises to be a staple among gay porn websites for quite a while. After 15 years, it knows what to deliver and delivers it quite well. You absolutely can not beat the price for quality, so, if you're a fan of hot muscle boys drilling quivering holes - this is your stop!

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