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Raging Stallion Studios is a world-renowned studio that creates some of the finest gay adult entertainment and is known for their rugged men who project modern masculinity - muscles, hairy chests, tattoos, and aggressive sexual appetites. Relaunched as a mega site, Raging Stallion is the home for all MonsterBang, HardFriction, HighOctane, HairyBoyz, XtraInches, and SexGaymes content. Raging Stallion's new cold-steel redesign showcases a large player with a vertical carousel. Below it lays six quick-and-easy icons that link straight to each individual studio and sorts them in a branded fashion. When scrolling, the header above the carousel disappears leaving the menu visible to the user at all times for easy and fast navigation. The new site has also incorporated HD content, live shows, and a vast archive of gay adult blockbuster films.

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Raging Stallion was founded about 1999 by J.D. Slater and Chris Ward. Slater, a former porn-star, and Ward had both directed for other studios and wanted to make harder gay porn their way. Michael Brandon was the biggest and "biggest" star at RSS in its early years and became a partner as well. RSS content draws on the hundreds of movies made by Raging Stallion and their sub-studios (Monster Bang, Centurion, Pistol Media, etc) over the last decade and a half, as well as creating new content featuring their latest exclusive adult stars.

RSS exclusive models usually embody the concepts of masculinity, muscles, big cocks, hairy bodies and tattoos. There are, of course, hairyer/less hairy men, smooth men, older men, younger men, muscle studs, the occasional smooth twink, black men, Latino men, and even one Asian man. The average age of a Raging Stallion model is somewhere in his 30's with a few exceptional ones holding the posts at the extremes, in their 20's or 40's.

There are 15 years of gay porndom's best at Raging Stallion Studios. That's a MOUNTAIN of porn, all yours to peruse at your leisure. The site currently updates 3 times weekly, churning out new content as well as uploading content previously available only on DVD. Tech-savvy surfers with mobile devices can enjoy access to the site (all compatibilities) at no extra charge (the mobile site contains all the same content as the web version). All this extremely professional content is your's at a very affordable membership price. The only drawback is that the movies may only be streamed. Photos may be downloaded, but the movies are only viewable while you are a member.


Raging Stallions has become a staple in the Gay Porn industry, rocketing its way to the heights to join such legendary studios as Colt, Bel Ami, and Falcon. It's current incarnation as a membership site has a feel like that of a big-top carnival tent where you can enjoy any of the varied lascivious attractions being showcased within the many rings on the showroom floor. Gaining access to all their blockbuster releases like Grunts, To The Last Man, Hotter Than Hell, Cowboys, and more is worth the price of admission alone. If you're a fan of butch men performing studio sex, then Raging Stallion is the place for you to settle down and get off for a spell.

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