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**UPDATED** If God is in the details, then COLT's body of work is truly divine. The Colt Studio Group site showcases an extensive all-male erotica collection of photography, hardcore movies, and features COLT's leading studios such as: COLT, Buckshot, and Olympus. The auxiliary collections that feature the world's most muscular men in MINUTE MAN and the legendary images of the COLT VAULT scenes have been added to the sites digital fold.

Previously associated with Next Door Studios, Colt now stands on it's own and seems to be a stronger presence for it. Since being back under it's own management many commercial changes have taken place, but what has ALWAYS remained the same is the extremely high quality videography and photography as well as a reliable consistency in delivering generations of classic Colt Men.

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Whether it's the hardcore muscle duos and groups of the Olympus line, the younger, less beefy guys of Buckshot films, or the hardcore and solo muscle-men of Colt, the Colt men are always handsome, sexy, have dauntingly beautiful bodies, and they shine in extraordinary still and motion photography. From the mustachioed clones of early porndom to the hairy or smooth magnificent muscles of hordes of handsome hunks, to the perfect porn-dogs of the 21st century, Colt Studios is the gold standard for hardcore and solo male erotica.

'Guys' just doesn't seem like an adequate word for Colt models - they're MEN! The roster of Colt performers runs Adam to Zoltan and spans the decades with names you'll recognize, and faces and bodies you may remember. Colt also spans many physiques from twinks to bodybuilders, Buckshot boys to Legendary Bodies. There are the hottest gay porn models of the 1960's, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000's. One of Colt's mottos is "Bigger is Better" - muscles they mean, not that they're lacking in the cock department. Colt has photographed and filmed some of the most amazingly beautiful bodies over the last 40 years and they continue to hand-pick the sexiest men of this generation for their new DVDs.

The sex at Colt is a very diverse thing, often as sensual as it is brutal. With over 30 years of content under their belt, and a diverse set of studios to produce for them, you can count on everything from softcore porn (videos of photo shoots) to some fairly gritty ass-fucking. The sex the performers have is well acted, the performers are well paired, and the scene absolutely thick with manliness and machismo. Cocksucking, rimming, ass fucking, yes, of course. But also stunning outdoor scenery, extremely professional videography and editing, and supernaturally handsome men with statuesque physiques. Colt puts a lot of emphasis on the beauty of the male form and that's what the core of the Colt brand delivers in their sex. The sex at Colt lets their men show off their masculine beauty in all of its projective and receptive ways.

Speaking of the sex videos at the Colt Studio Group website, consumers are offered MANY diverse methods of accessing and owning their content. Their site supports the purchase of individual downloads, as well offering montly streaming memeberships. Some releases at the site originally come from their huge DVD collection and are notated as such. Besides released scenes from DVD's, new, exclusive content is also added weekly. Membership is the way to go if you want access to the 'big enchilada'. So long as you maintain your membership, you've got the entire online library of Colt's online porn virtually On-Demand without having to take up hard drive space or real-life shelf space. Remember, there's over 30 years worth of gay porn on-site. Of course, the quality of the older, vintage porn may not live up to today's HighDef standards.

With many videos derived from their professionally shot movies, and still photos from professional photoshoots, Colt photography and videography are at a level of the highest standards you'll find in the industry. Their photos were created as end products, for publication, and necessarily had to be excellent studio quality, with perfect men, perfect composition, perfect lighting, and perfect exposure [double meaning!]. Their movies met and meet the same standards, with camerawork of the highest caliber, great lighting both indoors and outdoors, excellent videography, framing, angles, editing, sound and music.


Colt is branded. It's an iconic name that is probably the oldest continuously operating gay porn studio in existence. Founded by photographer and artist Jim French, working as Rip Colt, in 1967 in New York, the company later moved to L.A. and more recently headquartered in San Francisco. In 2003, Colt Studios was bought by John Rutherford, former head of Falcon, and he's continued to expand the vision of Colt in the 21st century. The Colt umbrella covers the Colt, Buckshot, and Olympus movie lines, along with Colt merchandise. As such a recognized name, Colt has been a pervasive influence on the gay world for over four decades and the name is synonymous with high quality gay male erotica. And with over 40 years of men as well, the Colt Studio Group website can plumb the depths of the Colt archives for its members.

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