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Welcome to Naked Sword! Where the WORLD watches GAY! Well, that's their tagline anyway! They claim to be the largest collection of gay porn on the net, and from the looks of it, it may very well be true! Naked Sword features a strong line of exclusively produced gay porn movies, as well as a HUGE library of DVD's from premier gay porn brands such as Corbin Fisher, Raging Stallion, KinkMen, Treasure Island Media, Bel Ami, Colt Eurocreme, as well as dozens of similarly well-known studios.

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Naked Sword opened it's virtual doors as a VOD (short for Video-On-Demand which is a pay-per-view (PPV) model of distribution). Originally, NS began as a typical VOD site with it's PPV business model, but later evolved into a unique hybrid among gay porn sites: It made the decision to move to a subscription-based site and began offering the entirety of it's formerly VOD-DVD content to it's, now, subscription based audience. So, with it's roots as a VOD, Naked Sword now the distinction of being an extremely fully stocked VOD site whose DVD library members can access like a membership site. But the distinctive change to it's brand didn't end there! In 2010, Naked Sword added immense value to it's site when they began filming their own exclusive, high-production gay sex movies as well.

What's great about Naked Sword being a 'kind-of' VOD site is that the content is not theme-centric. There are DVD's in nearly every niche imaginable in gay porn; everything from Indie films featuring the ins-and-outs of gay romance and sex, to typical gay porn featuring the usual niches such as 'Twink' or 'Bear', to truly underground DVD's featuring the darkest dungeons where the most perverse pleasures are practiced and perfected.

As such, every sexual itch can be scratched at a site such as NakedSword. Of course, there's the usual suck-rim-fuck routines between any stereotypical gay porn 'types' you can think of. But there's also fisting, mutual masturbation, circle-jerking, BJ-swapping, bondage, gloryhole action, orgy scenes, etc… It's all there at Naked Sword behind one title or another.

Along that line of thought, the model types run the whole gamut of physiques as well. Twinks, pretty muscle-boys, bodybuilders, big belly bears, yes... all of that! Only a incredibly picky person might not find something to like at Naked Sword.

With the HUGE NUMBER of DVD's to watch at Naked Sword, it's incredible to think that there's still gay porn out there to add to the library! Yet, 8 new scenes get uploaded to NakedSword DAILY?!? HOLY MOSES! Yes, it's true. Naked Sword basically adds two new DVD's to it's library every day on top of producing it's own exclusive content every month. Naked Sword releases about one site-exclusive scene per week.

At $30 a month for a HUGE library of gay porn PLUS award winning exclusive content - all to watch unlimited at your leisure - DAMN SKIPPY there's value there! On the downside, nothing is downloadable. It's an entirely streaming site. If you're wary of the offerings, you can opt for the 3 day trial at only $5.


Naked Sword has been a staple site in the online gay porn landscape. This is no fly-by nite site that runs the risk of being abandoned; it's here to stay and going strong. If you're the kind of person who enjoys a wide variety of gay porn, wants unlimited viewing, and doesn't mind a streaming only membership - you'd be hard pressed to find a pay-per-month/DVD site that contains so many big name, popular studio titles.

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