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BrokeStraightBoys claims to be "the webs #1 gay porn site. With over 1,000 scenes and multiple updates per week, BrokeStraightBoys has been copied but never equaled. Featuring full HD videos, downloadable scenes, exclusive content, and top rated customer support 24/7, you'll see why Broke Straight Boys has won every major award in the industry and continues to grow by leaps and bounds."

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Broke Straight Boys is the quintessential 'amateur straight boy performs gay sex for money' site. It's certainly the most popular site in it's genre, if not the longest running! The theme is 100% upheld. It's all about straight boys performing gay sex, motivated by the need for the money.The site has released 1247 episodes in it's many years since it's inception and faithfully releases it's hardcore updates every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday.

As the tour will show, Broke Straight Boys shoots all their own content in what we'd call a Professional-Amateur or 'Pro-Am' style (imagine REALLY WELL produced home video). On their Exclusive videos tour page, you'll get a feel for what kinds of models and sex acts you'll find inside. It's just a tour page so you won't be able to see more than a trailer and a few thumbnail pictures. The guys ages hover around the 18 to mid-20's and they're usually slender with some muscle definition. The sex is fairly vanilla (you can't really expect squirmy gay sex noobs to engage in fetish-y ass-raunch scenes or scenes involving domination and discipline) but some of theme do go so far as to explore threeways and multiple partner orgies. Recently, much of the content produced is bareback as well, but not all of it.

Besides hardcore, gay sex updates, the site shoots plenty of Behind the Scenes footage as well, which accounts for a lot of the 'bonus updating' the site does. These BTS looks and model interview serves to round out the 'Broke Straight Boy' personalities, letting you get to know an off-camera side to them.

What's great about Broke Straight boys is it's low pricing. At under $20. a month, you won't find a better value for such a huge library of "Str8-Goes-Gay" videos/pics. Membership to BSBoys also includes access to 4 additional sites in their network: College Boy Physicals, Amateur Boys First Time, Straight Boys Jerk Off, HS Boys. There are other interesting facets to membership such as message boards, scene commenting, as well as an online store where you can purchase DVD's, clothing and other BSB-branded swag.


BSB is the king of Straight-Boy-Goes-Gay amateur content. Their claim to have been "copied, but never equaled" is absolutely true. Imitators may have found their own unique angle on the theme (Like 'Em Straight comes to mind), but BSB has certainly enjoyed the most longevity since straight-boy-gay-sex videos became popular, still producing scenes after 8 years. The boys come and go, with fan favorites making appearances more frequently. Speaking of fans, the site fosters a community among its members who get to voice their opinions on all things BrokeStraightBoys. The community is quite active and vocal. This unique experience adds a lot of value to your membership if you are a dedicated porn-hound.

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