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ChaosMen began as Chaos in Austin in 1998, as an online outlet for the photography and thoughts of out gay Texan Bryan Ockert. From photo galleries and lifestyle stuff, it osmosed in 2004-05 to the more commercial sex site you see now. Bryan is an exceptional erotic photographer who knows his trade very well. Through the years, he's continually expanded the variety of the site, pushing the erotic boundaries of its hardcore mansex videos while maintaining its artistic uniqueness, and user-friendly qualities.

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It's difficult to try to describe the videography of more than a thousand videos on ChaosMen. We'll just make a few observations from a sampling. With 8 years of vids onsite, Bryan's style has both evolved and stayed the same. He's still a one-man team, but he's grown in skill managing to employ multiple stationary cameras plus a hand-held. When he's in a scene, it's amazing how much multi-camera, multi-angle, mid and close-up shots he gets, with great editing for the final product. Bryan got his start with his still photography and that's additionally where he excels. In the solo studio and location photo shoots, his lighting, focus, exposure, backgrounds, framing, and everything is used to best effect. Nobody does naked photography as well as Bryan, from simple portraits to the most erotic.

When you're a ChaosMen man, you debut with a solo photoshoot and probably also a solo video, then graduate and Bryan'll hook you up for a hardcore scene or scenes. Interestingly, Bryan was his own first model back in '00. Bryan's accumulated an erotic treasure-trove of more than 500 models on ChaosMen. They're goodlooking amateurs with hot natural bods and they look even better in Bryan's excellent photography. Sure, there was a flurry of before-they-became-famous pornstar pups back around '06 - look for Kurt, Zack, Bralin, Josh, Phenix, Dominic - and Topher in '07 - but it's mostly men you won't see anywhere else. There's variety of course. With 60 search keywords - characteristics and sexual activities - you'll have no prob finding who and what you want.

From twink to mature-ish, lean to muscular, smooth to hairy-ish, and more. Over the years, Bryan introduced theme video series to broaden the site's artistic and sexual appeal. As a longtime ChaosMen fans, we've seen it develop and expand. In the popular Edge vids, Bryan sensorily deprives the guys with blindfolds and earphones while he touches, sucks, and more. There's also the bareback series Raw, but Bryan is careful to explain his philosophy of ungloved porn. There's also POV (one of two has a camera), Serviced (one guy lays back and gets done), G:hOle (gloryhole action including fucking), plus more keyworded fun like flip-flop, tag-team, director's cuts, self-suck, and toys. Bryan and his assistant Ransome do the servicing in Serviced and Edge videos, most times clothed, but they're occasionally naked and hardcore too. Bryan says he doesn't label ChaosMen as a straight boy site - it's just demographics.

The site was recently enhanced with many improvements to search functions, site usability, and content organization coming together to make a very personalized experience. Videos are added 3-4 times a week. Solos normally air on Monday, Wednesday is an Oral theme, while Friday's are sex films. This is not a hard and fast rule, it is Chaos after all. But the site is pretty consistent. Chaos Men also provides members with DVD feeds from AEBN in a variety of niches.

If you're willing to engage in a monthly subscription Chaos Men is an INCREDIBLE value with a discounted initial membership as well as a loyalty discount after one month. If you'd rather just join for the one single month, you'll need to put up slightly more, but it's no more than you'd pay for most sites AND you're getting some of the net's finest 'Boutique' porn - all of it DRM free.


ChaosMen is one HIGHLY polished site and worth every penny for it's content. Upon closer inspection, the site is obviously a labor of love; the result of lots of hard work performed by a very small team headed up by an incredibly dedicated photographer. As piracy continues to be a problem for most studios, sites like Chaos Men deserve the financial support of it's fans if only to keep 'alive' this treasure trove of artistic, professional gay porn.

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