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Real horny soldiers, sailors, and Marines in amazingly hot, hardcore videos. "I tape only 100% real military guys! These boys are so horny they'll fuck anything, even each other! All it takes is some cash and some porn as an excuse and pretty soon these boys are ready to try anything, even sucking their best friend's cock or taking it in the ass. They pretend to protest, saying "I'm not gay!" or "I could never do that!" But they soon find out that you can never say never to Commander Dink. The most rewarding part of my job is watching these hot, young heroes act on their secret desire to experiment with their buddies and explore their sexuality just for me - and for you!"

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Active Duty was born before it was ever even the website it is today. The narrating personality for the site is that Dink Flamingo's. Commander Dink is the heart and soul of Active Duty, having harbored and grown this dream of his since his youth (a direct result of raised in a city adjacent to one of the largest Army bases in the world.)

Dink Flamingo's Active Duty features strictly military and ex-military men. When you have models whose bodies are built like finely honed military machines- big gun arms and a long barreled cocks firing off volleys of cum -the videos are the stuff of fantasies. Most of these guys hover near the enlistment age, late teens to early 20's, many of them appearing in (and poking out of) their dress uniforms to heighten your wank-fest.

Dink Flamingo's studio, 'Dirty Bird Productions' is a professional, amateur affair and is responsible for a greater portion of the content at the site. Back in 2014, NextDoorStudios took over production for the brand, bringing with it, all the professional camera and editing equipment a big budget studio employs. Along with the higher quality production, NDS has also imported some of their straight/gay4pay models, tossing them into the mix with some military amateurs.

The formula of Dink's content was much more 'pure amateur'. Luckily, all of Dink's original content is still available with your Active Duty Membership. Next Door Studio's content is very similar to Dink's formula. Nearly all scenes occur in a bedroom or shower, someplace high-end, nothing seedy or sleezy. If the models are new, you'll have the recruits being filmed sitting next to each other, naked or partially dressed, on the bed. Old content has the models with their eyes fixated upon the porn running off-screen and their hands down their underwear. The sexual tension racks up and they start stealing glances at each others pieces until one or the other gives in to their carnal desires and starts going down on his buddy. More modern content has the models more ready and willing to engage in the gay sex activity. They're still Straight Men, but they're more comfortable with the gay sex about to happen than the nervous nellies of yesteryear.

The site is updated 2x a week with varying content. Not only are there exclusive video updates, but the site also releases DVD scenes to the membership. All content is fully downloadable for multiple platforms. If you're not a serial membership fan, the site also provides a Pay-Per-View theater.

The price for membership has recently been reduced. Active Duty offers a significantly reduced initial membership price of $14.95, and then rebills your subscription at 29.99 ($15 less than it's old subscription rate). if you consider the authenticity of the site, and it's healthy update schedule, it's worth a run for a few months during which time you can stock your personal wank-bank with your Active Duty favorites.


Dink Flamingo's site Active Duty is a STAPLE among gay porn sites. No other site comes close to giving the audience young, amateur military guys in 'first-time' gay sex action. The guys are definitely hot, muscular and real. Some of them are total alpha-males, thoroughly dominating their scene partners. When these guys bring their military roles into the sex play, allowing their superiors to take their asses like they own them... those are the REAL treasures. Gimmie some dirty talk and some humiliation with one of the guys pulling rank on the other and it's instant orgasm for me! Even without the extras, if your a horny-dawg for military recruits, we're sure you'll be satisfied buying into some of the internets best amateur porn.

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